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Protection Dogs in Texas

We specialize in training and sourcing high-quality protection dogs in Texas, while also offering a variety of other dog training services to suit the needs of our clients' everyday lives with their pets.

Owned and operated by Kenny Hogan. We are an import and training service company located in Texas that specializes in training and sourcing premium protection dogs  K9s. We offer a full custom import service, which means that we can help source the dog with the exact temperament, drive, and focus that is ideal for your intended use. We also custom-train our dogs to have the ideal balance of characteristics to make them a perfect fit for your family's protection.

Jaime S.

"I recently consulted with the Owners at Allegiant K9 in pursuit of my future dog. While I plan to use this company to import an adult dog, their breeding program is something else.

Allegiant K9 is an exceptional company dedicated to breeding and training German Shepherd dogs for various working roles. Their commitment to producing high-quality working dogs is evident in the outstanding results they achieve.

Overall, Allegiant K9 is a company that takes its responsibility seriously and consistently produces highly capable working German Shepherds. If you’re in need of a working dog, Allegiant K9 should be at the top of your list. Super happy I found them. "

Carlee H.

"We’ve been working with Kenny & Ashley for about 2.5 years and they are the full package! Ashley picked out the best dog for our family and they’ve both supported us through the entire training process from day 1.
Being our first protection dog/puppy, it was a huge learning curve compared to the many dogs we’d raised before our GSD, Rain.
They’ve been patient with us through all the rough times and (likely) silly, inexperienced questions.

Thank you both for never rolling your eyes at us and holding our hands along the way!! We are super grateful for Allegiant K9’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise! Y’all are the best!!"

Mona W.

"I came to AllegiantK9 in June of 2023 very eager to learn all about the Schutzhund/IPO/IGP/ Protection training world. My seven months old puppy at the time and I immediately knew that we were in good hands with AllegiantK9. Kenny and Ashley are experts in this field of training and are always there to answer questions and show us how training is done properly. Kenny understands dogs, and answers my many questions so that I can understand how and what my dog needs. We have come a long way since June from tracking, to obedience and Kenny is there every step of the way.
I am looking forward to all the learning and training that is yet ahead of us and I know that we are in the best of hands and will totally succeed in this area of training with the help of AllegiantK9."

Protection Dogs for your Family

The Perfect Guardians for Your Home

Are you concerned about the security of your home and loved ones? Look no further than protection dogs in Texas. These highly trained canines offer an unmatched level of protection and companionship, making them the perfect guardians for your property.

Why Choose a Protection Dog?

Protection dogs are specially trained to provide optimal security for their owners. They possess a unique set of skills and temperament that make them ideal for guarding homes, businesses, and even high-profile individuals. Here's why you should consider getting a German Shepherd protection dog:

  1. Deterrence: Protection dogs possess a commanding presence that can deter any potential intruder. Their imposing size and intimidating appearance send a clear message that your property is well-protected.

  2. Alertness: These dogs are trained to be highly alert and reactive to any suspicious activity or potential threat. Their acute senses, combined with their training, allow them to detect danger before it becomes a problem.

  3. Loyalty: Protection dogs develop an unbreakable bond with their owners, making them fiercely loyal and protective. They will go above and beyond to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  4. Training: We provide Premium Protection dog training to ensure they are well-behaved and obedient. They are trained to respond instantly to commands, making them a reliable ally during any emergency situation.

Protection Dogs in Texas

Living in Texas comes with its own unique challenges, and having a trustworthy protection dog by your side can provide peace of mind. Here at Allegiant K9, we can source or train your protection dog. 

Investing in a protection dog for your Texas home is a decision that can significantly enhance your security and the safety of your loved ones. With their unique set of skills, loyalty, and training, these dogs offer unparalleled peace of mind. Find out why we have a 5 Star Rating and why we are considered to be one of the top protection dog trainers in Texas. To find the perfect protection dog that will fit seamlessly into your family and property, please contact us today. We would love to help with your new furry guardian, and reap the rewards of having a vigilant and loyal protector by your side.


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